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Products | Types of silo and storage facilities

Different types of silo for storing grain and other materials. Removable and Transportable silos.

  • Storage hoppers

    We manufacture storage hoppers.

  • Special silos

    Silotec allows you to order your fully customised silo

  • Metal silos

    Metal silos are composed of a series of ferrules…

  • Stainless steel silos

    Silos developed for the storage of powders, granules and chaff

  • Containers

    Containers for chaff, powders and pellets

  • Telescopic removable silo

    Removable telescopic silos developed for transport



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Renovation of the range of products and services. Expansion of production processes. Improvements in organisation and management. Specialization in the qualifications of professionals.



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We produce all kind of silos for different applications: industrial, agricultural, and for the construction sector. Removable and Transportable silos..




Removable and Transportable silos

Customised silos

You can order your customised silos with the possibility to fit together with them rigid or flexible screw extraction systems, among others…

Transportable silos

Silos with the possibility to be transported by road or in a sea-land container We are manufacturers of silos for over 30 years. We perform traditional silos made of metal and steel.

Development, innovation and technology

Silos of different materials, transportable and storage facilities